Moment of Joy – a daily project

It’s the human experience that we’re fighting for … so that life is not defined primarily, for so many people, by suffering in violence and hardship, but actually that thing that all of us possess — which is this incredible capacity for joy and beautyImani Perry at On Being

Write about one moment of joy in my life, daily, for an entire year, even when I struggle to find something to be joyful about. This is the task that I am setting out for myself as I explore the concept of ‘Joy’.

I barely know what it means but I shall take it to mean something that puts a little warmth and smile in my heart. I am not by nature a ‘happy person’ and as I am going through a difficult time of life right now, this will be a challenge. I don’t know where these ‘joys’ are but I’m sure they exist. They have to. 

This will be as much an exercise in writing as it will be an exercise in noticing and feeling. To do this, I will need to muster the courage to embrace the audacity of joy in the face of hardship. I shall squint my eyes and my heart to seek the simple beautiful moments that exists in daily life. I will train my muscles to acknowledge and reflect upon happiness, no matter what size they may be. I want to notice these fluttering glimpses of delight and celebrate them and challenge my blindness to them in recent years. By the grace and will of a greater power, I pray to be given the strength and wisdom to not give up on this exercise, and hopefully emerge a different person when I reflect back on all this next year.